Contact School

Have a question or concern? Need to contact the office or a teacher about an assignment or upcoming event? Please feel free to send us an email, call, or book an appointment and we can help go over any pressing issues or concerns you might have.

General Information:

  • Address: 60 High Street Mechanicsburg Ohio, 43044
  • Main District Phone: 937.834.2453
  • Main District Fax: 937.834.3954

To report student absence:

  • Call 937.834.2453

To contact a teacher:

  1. Find out the teacher's extension in the Staff Directory.
  2. Dial 937.834.2453, followed by the extension.
  3. If the teacher is not available, leave a message on their voice mail and they will return your call as quickly as possible.

Central Office

Superintendent Danielle Prohaska  937-834-2453 x 1402
Treasurer Scott Maruniak 937-834-2453 X 1403
Secretary Elizabeth Porter 937-834-2453 x 1400
Central Office Fax 937-834-3954

Mechanicsburg High School

Principal Paul Hershberger 937-834-2453 x 1506
Athletic Director Coby Wilhelm 937-834-2453 x 1057
Guidance Counselor Dr. Carol Carpenter 937-834-2453 x 1505
Athletic and Guidance Secretary Tyler Craig 937-834-2453 x 1503
Secretary Joni Dingey 937-834-2453 x 1501
High School Fax 937-834-7103

Building Location
60 High Street
Mechancisburg, Ohio 43044

60 High Street, Mechanicsburg, OH 43044, USA